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Large Format Lenses for Sale

I am selling all of my 4x5 large format lenses. You will find photos and details of each lens below, but here is some general information about all of the lenses. All are in what I would call good condition - better than what KEH calls "bargain," but I'd hesitate to say "excellent." The glass is good on all, and the shutters seem to be working fine, based on real-world results that I have gotten when using them. At one point about 10-12 years ago, all but one (I can't remember which one) suffered a mishap: they were briefly immersed in salt water. I quickly took the cells out of all of them and rinsed in clean water, but the shutters suffered damage. I replaced one shutter myself and had the others cleaned and repaired by Carol Flutot. (She may have replaced a second one - I can't remember.) All have performed just fine since then. I have based my pricing on a combination of prices I have seen on Ebay, and listings at KEH, with some allowance for the fact that they have lived full lives while I've had them!

90mm Caltar II-N f6.8

The lens is in a Copal 0 shutter and a Linhof style recessed lensboard. Includes front (Caltar plastic) and rear (Soligor metal) lens caps. I had to file off some of the lensboard in order to be able to mount it on my camera - this is shown in the last photo. Payment by Paypal, price is $400 including shipping and Paypal fees. I can trade out the recessed lens board for a flat one if you wish.

Front of lens:

Rear of the lens:

Filed lensboard:


125mm Fujinon W f5.6

This is my go-to lens when I want a view that is slightly wider than normal. It is much easier to work with than a 90mm lens, and gives good results. I dropped it once, resulting in a moderate dent on the rear filter ring and a small dent or two on the front filter ring. As a result, it is difficult, but possible, to get a filter on the front. If you use filters with any regularity, you would want to purchase a 52mm to whatever size you want step-up ring, and install it permanently on the lens. (I have found, and will include, a 52-58mm step-up ring.) Also, the shutter was serviced after the above-mentioned salt water incident, and there is a small amount of oil on the shutter blades. This seems to have no impact on performance. The lens comes in a Copal 0 shutter and a Linhof-style Toyo lensboard. It has two Fujinon plastic lens caps - I put a little bit of gaffer's tape on the rim of one lens cap, because it was loose and kept falling off. In spite of the various deficiencies, this lens performs quite well! Payment by Paypal, price is $100 including shipping and Paypal fees.

Here is the front of the lens:

The rear, where you can see the dent on the filter ring on the upper left edge:

A better look at the dent:


150mm Rodenstock Sironar N f5.6
                  "MC Sinar" Model

This is the "normal" focal length on 4x5. It comes in a Copal 0 shutter on a Linhof-style lensboard, and includes two generic plastic lens caps. Payment by Paypal, price is $250 including shipping and Paypal fees.

Front of the lens:

Rear of the lens:


240mm Fujinon A f9

This is the only one of the lenses I'm selling that will cover 8x10 (with fairly small movements) as well as 4x5 - it has been my most-used lens, as I like a slightly longer than normal view. It is small, light and beautiful - as you may know, this is a highly regarded lens - you can read what others have to say about it here (click for link).This one is in a Copal 0 shutter that was not submerged in salt water, and is mounted in a Linhof-style Wista lensboard. It also includes two Fujinon plastic lens caps. Payment by Paypal, price is $450 including shipping and Paypal fees. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal on this lens!

Front of the lens:

Rear of the lens:

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