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27 February 2024

Last year I got myself scheduled for a March 2024 show at the Klamath Art Gallery. Late in 2023 I began the process of selecting images to show. I ran through a couple of thematic ideas before settling on the one I’m going with, and spent hours deciding which photographs to include, and which not. Some were in, then out, then back in. Some in, then out for good. There was a last minute addition, photographed a week and a half before the opening.

As soon as the calendar flipped to 2024 I began printing images, giving myself plenty of time to deal with any problems that might arise there, and fine tuning some of the images. More recently I’ve been preparing tags for the photos, an inventory list and tending to other assorted menial details. I still have to come up with some food for the opening reception, but I appear to be on track for a smooth opening.

I would suggest that anyone with a body of artistic work go through the process of putting it before the public (live, not via social media!) somehow, somewhere, sometime. It is a good way to try to understand your own work – where it comes from, where it might be headed. One will grapple with things like having too much emotional investment in some works that are perhaps not really up to snuff, and grouping and sequencing the artwork – it is one thing to try to produce a good piece of art, quite another to make a number of artworks work together. But in the end, some clarity about what motivates and fulfills you as an artist should emerge.

29 February 2024

Well, it’s up! Here are some photos of the installation:

And here are a few of the individual images:

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