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Stonebridge Man

In a previous post I shared a few photos of the Stonebridge grain elevator, that was demolished in 2016. Before its demise, I visited on several occasions, making both color and black and white images. One of my personal favorites is this one, of some sort of mysterious mechanical device:

Here are two images of the entire elevator. Do you see anything interesting?

If you look in the lower left of the second photo you will see him – Stonebridge Man!

The anthropomorphic nature of whatever this is was, and continues to be, striking to me. It has even crossed my mind that this is some sort of joke that the three brothers, Sherman, William and Thomas Waldrip, played when they built the elevator. Interestingly, the back side of the “man” is the first image in this post. Sometime in the next year I’ll be back out that way, and I will take these photographs to a functioning elevator to ask if they have any idea what this was for. Look for an answer in a future post...

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