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In March I am having an exhibit of some of my photographs at the Klamath Art Gallery, 120 Riverside Drive. There will be an opening from noon to 4 PM on Sunday, March 3rd. The gallery is open from noon to 4 PM Thursdays through Sundays.


Class Materials


Clicking on any of the underlined words will take you to whatever is being told about in the text.

The handout that I gave out in the workshop on editing photos on your phone. Feel free to download and print this, share with anyone you want.

The powerpoint for Improving Your Photography I - Isolation and Simplification. This you are also welcome to share.


Jay Maisel is a very prolific color photographer, who is also a colorful character! Here you can find some of his personal favorite photos. There is a great video about him and the bank building he lived in, here is a short trailer for the full movie. The DVD of the movie can be checked out from the county library! It is called Jay Myself.

Michael Kenna does black and white photographs, usually square, often very minimal - we looked at some of his photographs in our workshop. Here is the link to his web page. I would look at either recent images, or go to the archives, find Japan, and then find Hokkaido.

Ernst Haas was one of the early pioneers of artistic color photography, and I find his photographs to be extremely creative. You can find some of his photos here. Try either Classic Color or New Color - under those, if you like nature, choose Creation. Otherwise, maybe choose America or New York.

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