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Hard Reset

It was bound to happen sooner or later, given my reckless attitude in the face of risk. No, I didn’t get COVID – I have somehow managed to dodge that bullet so far! What I’m talking about is the crashing of my not-backed-up hard drive on my computer. In a nutshell, I’ve lost the digital files of all my photographs. Now most of my black-and-white images are scanned from negatives, which I still have, so those are recoverable. And I have some lower resolution files of the images on this web page, but the original files of all my color photographs are gone.

I suppose I may try sending the drive to one of the companies that offers services in recovering lost data. But I haven’t yet felt any urgency in checking out that option. In a way, I feel somewhat liberated by this mishap, taking it as an opportunity to “start fresh.” Only time will tell whether I will continue to feel this way, or will ship the drive off to see if the files can be recovered. In the meantime, stay tuned for some fresh images! The weather is finally starting to change, and I’m hoping it will afford me some opportunities for new work. For now, here is a recent image from Crater Lake National Park:

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