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Hill Island, Part Two

Prior to a recent trip to the Discovery Islands, between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia (see my previous post for the backstory), I had eagerly anticipated the opportunity to do some landscape photography on Hill Island, where we stayed for a week. My hopes were somewhat diminished after realizing that I had failed to get my tripod on the boat that took us to the island. Furthermore, I found the overall lumpy nature of surrounding islands somewhat uninspiring for “grand” landscapes (generally defined as those including some sky).

That said, I did find a twin-topped mountain on a nearby island to have some attraction for me, and it appears in more than one of the few landscape photos that I am somewhat satisfied with. A black and white presentation was logical for these photos, and I found that a square crop seemed to work well, too. I’m not sure how many of these will remain favorites as time goes on, but here are the images I find worthy of at least some consideration. In a third and final post I will have some color “intimate landscapes.”

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