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One Way, or the Other

At some point in the late summer I ascertained that my photography was essentially going nowhere, and I resolved that I MUST get out with a camera more often. The way I figured it, doing so HAD to help me to get more quality photographs, one way, or the other.

It stands to reason that if a certain fixed percentage of our photographs will be “keepers,” further time out with a camera should lead to taking more photographs, which should result in more good photographs! This, of course, assumes the “more photographs” are obtained without simply taking a shotgun approach, but that one photographs with intention.

But we might also think that photographing more often would improve one’s “eye,” resulting in a higher percentage of keepers. This, again, assumes some mindfulness on the part of the photographer.

So, one way, or the other, photographing more often should result in additional good images.

Of course, there is a third possibility, that both of the above might occur, resulting in even more good images! That is what I’m hoping for. Below are a few of the new photographs I’ve made over the past month or so, on my journey toward “upping my game.” You, the viewer, can be the judge of whether or not these are compelling images...

Meyers Beach, Oregon

Shore Acres State Park, Oregon

Shore Acres State Park, Oregon

Veteran's Park, Klamath Falls, Oregon

Veteran's Park, Klamath Falls, Oregon

Running Y Ranch, Oregon

South of Klamath Falls, Oregon

Near Newell, California

Merrill, Oregon

Merrill, Oregon

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